What is the difference between the flying club and a flight school?

The main difference between the club and a flight school is that once you’re a member, you own an equal share of each of the club’s airplanes.  When you fly with the club, you can enjoy lower rates because there is virtually no overhead cost.  Unlike a flight school, the club is a community; it promotes social environments for members to meet one another and hang out.

How much does it cost to be a member?

The cost of joining the club is $500; this is a one-time, nonrefundable fee.  Membership dues are $70 per month.  The club does offer discounts for family members of existing members.

How do I join?

If you are interested in joining, the first step is to contact our membership coordinator and set up an appointment where you will be given all of the necessary information and paperwork (see Contact page).

Is any prior experience necessary?

Absolutely not!  As a member, you can meet with one of the board-approved flight instructors who will start you from square one as you work towards your pilot’s license or advanced ratings.

Are members covered by any kind of insurance policy?

Yes, your monthly membership partly go towards the insurance policy.  You will have a deductible of $3,000, and total injury and liability insurance per incident is $1,000,000.  You can learn more about the insurance policy by speaking with the membership coordinator (see Contact page).

How much does it cost per hour of flight?

The hourly rate of each airplane is set at its operational cost, no more.  You will be paying for the fuel burned plus a little extra to account for engine reserves and other fixed maintenance costs.  Our Cessna 172 usually run about $120/hour (depending on fuel prices) and our Cherokee 140 usually costs about $90 per hour.

How much does it cost to earn my pilot’s license?

It varies from person to person.  The minimum required flight time to obtain a Private Pilot’s License is 40 hours.  Most people take between 50-60 hours, however.  The cost of getting your pilot’s license not only depends on the amount of flight hours, but also on which aircraft you use.  One can expect anywhere between $7,500-$9,500 from start to finish, including all necessary study material.

It is highly encouraged that everyone pursue an Instrument Rating as well.  Accident rates of instrument rated pilots are much lower than those of pilots without an instrument rating.  The cost of getting this is roughly equal to the cost of obtaining a Private Pilot’s License.

What kind of maintenance system does the club have?

The club has an appointed maintenance manager who oversees maintenance for all of the club’s aircraft.  It is his job to ensure that all mandatory inspections and repairs are made.  All inspections and major repairs are done by certified aircraft and powerplant mechanics (A&P’s).  Furthermore, each aircraft has an appointed crew chief who is responsible for checking the aircraft at least once a month to catch minor problems before they become an issue.

How available are the club’s aircraft?

In general, aircraft availability is not an issue.  They usually are reserved on weekends, but if you plan your flight a week or more in advanced, you can usually have the aircraft whenever you want it.