How to Join

To join the Texas Flying Club, you must complete the following steps:

1.  Contact our membership coordinator and request a new member briefing.  These meetings take place at our clubhouse and usually last no more than 30 minutes.  You can schedule a meeting if you are serious about joining, or not sure but just want to check out the club.  If you are already serious about joining, complete steps 2-4 before you meet with the membership coordinator.  This will expedite the process.

2.  Read the club’s By-Laws, Policy and Procedure, and Aircraft Operating Rules.

3.  Print out and complete the Membership Application, New Member Agreement, and Member Waiver of Liability.

4.  Make a copy of your driver’s license, pilot’s license (if applicable), and FAA medical certificate (if applicable) to bring to the meeting.

5.  After the new member briefing and turning in your paperwork, you will be charged the one-time $250 for non student or $125 student buy-in fee.  This makes you a part owner of all of the club’s aircraft.  From this point onward, you will pay monthly membership dues.

6.  Schedule a checkout flight with one of our instructors in any of the club’s airplanes.  Once you’re checked out in an aircraft, you will have unlimited access to that airplane.