List of Instructors

  1. We have instructors available to help you attain your private pilot license as well as instrument rating!  The instructors act as private contractors that you may work with for any instruction you wish to receive.  All instruction must be set up by the student.  Feel free to contact any of the instructors listed below.

ATTENTION INSTRUCTORS:  We always have a need for qualified, competent, and safe instructors.  Instructors do not pay membership dues and  because there is no overhead cost, they can keep all of the earnings from their lessons.  If you are interested in instructing in the club, contact our membership coordinator.

Active Instructors


Name Rating Phone Email Aircraft
Russell McGee Chief CFI/CFII N60HF, N9670W, N63074
Justus Milligan CFI/ CFII N60HF, N9670W, N63074
Klayton Kirkland CFI (832)-746-0174 N60HF, N9670W, N63074
Matt Sunseri CFI/CFII (817)-504-0729 N9670W , N60HF, N63074
Chuck Stem CFI 832-746-7515 N60HF
Nicholas Reynolds CFI (832)-368-3331 N9670W, N60HF, N63074