N63074 – Cessna 150M

The most recent addition to the club, N63074, a Cessna 150M, will be ready to schedule soon! This plane is a leaseback from a local pilot based here at Coulter and we are very excited to have access to it! This 150 will be an excellent trainer aircraft and will also be an extremely economic way to see the city from above!

Please note: Pilots should only refuel the plane to 10 gal (5/side) after each flight. Topping the plane off would inhibit training and other local flights that don’t require as much fuel as a cross country. With a relatively low useful load, pilots will need to verify that they are within load limits for the airplane.

Type: C-150M

Seats: 2

Useful Load: ~500 lbs

Fuel Capacity: 22.5 gal (Usable)

Hourly Rate: $85/hour wet (Initial price subject to change)

C-150M POH

Weight and Balance

CL FrontCL Back

Checkout Written

G5 Manual