N42082 – Cessna 182L

The most recent addition to the club, N42082, a Cessna 182L, will be ready to schedule soon! This plane is a leaseback from a local pilot based here at Coulter and we are very excited to have access to it! The plane will require a checkout with one of our club CFI’s before pilots can schedule it on FSP.
This 182 has a 230 BHP engine and will accordingly require a high-performance endorsement. (Good news! You can combine the checkout flight with your high-performance endorsement). This plane will be reserved for the clubs fully fledged pilots and is not intended as a trainer (i.e. no student solos and not for use practicing touch and go’s with an instructor). With a large useful load and fast cruise speed, this aircraft is the perfect option for a weekend cross country with family or friends!

Please note: Pilots should only refuel tanks to 30 gal/side after each flight. Tanks can be topped for long cross country trips but otherwise the excess fuel restricts the useful load for local flights.

Type: 1968 Cessna Skylane (C-182L)

Seats: 4

Useful Load: ~1054 lbs

Fuel Capacity: 80 gal (Usable)

Hourly Rate: $130/hour wet (Initial price subject to change)

C-182L POH

Checkout Written Test

Weight and Balance