Buy in: $500

Dues: $75 (50% for family members)

N60HF: $150/HR Wet

N9380W: $190/HR Wet (requires PPL)

FMS Buy-in Fee:

In order to join the club, you must first pay a one-time, $500 buy-in fee.  This officially makes you a member of the club.  As a member, you are a part owner of all of the club’s aircraft.

Membership Rates:

Membership dues are $75/month which pays for your insurance coverage, aircraft scheduling services, and club fees to Coulter for tie downs and hangar space.  This also goes towards paying the rent for the clubhouse which is available for all members to use as they please; it is a great environment for pre-flight planning, post flight debriefing, ground school lessons, doing homework, or just hanging out.

Family Discount:  A family member of an existing member can join the club after purchasing an FMS share and will only have to pay half the normal membership dues.

Flight Instructors:  If a certified flight instructor wishes to join the club, he/she may do so by following the normal process.  If he/she wishes to instruct in the club, he/she must obtain board approval.  Once a member has been approved to instruct in the club, he or she will not have to pay monthly membership dues.

How are rates for flight time determined?

Flight time is billed by the Hobbs hour as metered in each aircraft. Rates for flight time are computed with fuel consumption in mind and are based off of the average fuel price for the previous month.  We also include engine reserves and other associated maintenance costs into our hourly rate.  This method of pricing accounts for the varying fuel rate at Coulter Field and makes you feel more like an owner.  Any money that comes into the club above our operating costs is put back into our airplanes for the enjoyment of our members!