Welcome Pilots and Future Aviators!

Welcome Pilots and Aviation enthusiasts!

Are you a local pilot and looking for an airplane to fly? Our club is the place for you! You won’t be able to find a greater value flying airplanes in Texas. Our club is a community of local pilots who enjoy sharing the joy of flying with each other.

Have you ever looked up at the sky and dreamed of becoming a pilot? As a member of our club, we can guide you to your goal!

The Texas Flying Club is a great place to fly. Whether you are a rusty pilot or a brand new one, our certified flight instructors will get you in the air, in one of our safe and affordable airplanes. Through our social activities, you can meet other pilots so you can share the cost of flying.

Come visit us at Coulter Field, CFD, only 15 minutes away from the Texas A&M Campus, on Highway 21.

Club Meeting Times: Every month at 7:00 pm.

–        No official Club Meeting for the Month of December

–         Open Board Meeting on Monday Dec. 9th, 6 pm, CFD

Upcoming Events: 

–         Saturday Nov. 23rd:

Wings Seminar (tentatively 10:00-12:00), Potluck and Club Hangout after the seminar (Check the GroupMe for food requests!), Watch Party (TAMU vs. Georgia – Kick Off @ 2:30), and a celebration of Klayton Kirkland being placed on the USA Advanced Aerobatic Team (small aerobatic display possible) 

Club hangouts will be happening soon so be sure to be check the club GroupMe to see upcoming events. If you are not in the GroupMe, contact the Event Coordinator, Julianna Ladner!