Club Description

The Texas Flying Club (formerly the Texas A&M Flying Club) is a nonprofit organization that focuses on providing a safe, affordable, and fun environment for pilots, aspiring pilots, and aviation enthusiasts. We own aircraft and have facilities at Coulter Airfield in Bryan, TX; as a member, you a part owner of each of the club’s aircraft. The club is run by the members and for the members. We work hard to keep our rates as low as possible; you won’t find better rates anywhere!

No aviation background is necessary to join, everyone is welcome. Aspiring pilots will find it very easy to find a flight instructor in the club and get started with their flight training in the aircraft of their choice. Those who already have a pilot’s license will immediately be added to the online scheduling system in order to schedule aircraft for personal use.

We aren’t just a business, we truly are a club.  Activities include monthly meetings, plane washes and breakfast, airshows, fly-ins, and more!  The club is a great way to meet other pilots and aviation enthusiasts.

The Texas Flying Club works hard to make club membership affordable and enjoyable for everyone. All of our members are part owners of all of the aircraft and club facilities; therefore, everyone has a say in how things are done. No prior aviation experience is necessary to join. Many of our members have joined with no flying background and went on to earn their pilot’s licenses and advanced ratings. We accept members of all ages. One can legally solo an airplane at only 16 years of age, and so long as one holds a valid FAA medical certificate, there is no upper age cutoff.

As a Texas Flying Club member, you get:

  • Easy web-based aircraft scheduling – book a plane from home using the Internet or phone.
  • Liability and hull insurance that covers you as an aircraft owner. At a flight school, you would have to buy extra renter’s insurance to get this kind of coverage
  • Convenient once-a-month billing – no pay-as-you-go hassle.
  • A “say” in how the club is run, and opportunities to gain valuable leadership and business experience
  • Use of facilities at Coulter Field – office space and computer with internet access for flight planning.  There are comfortable couches and a TV in the main area of the FBO so your passengers can relax while you finish pre-flight planning!
  • Access to instructors available to help you attain your private pilot license; however, we are not a flight school.  The instructors act as private contractors that you may work with for any instruction you wish to receive.

Why join the Texas Flying Club instead of going to a flight school business?

  • You become a part owner of our aircraft, not just another paying customer.
  • Fly according to your schedule, not just when the business is open.
  • As a non-profit organization, we work for our member’s benefit, not the bottom line. All revenue goes back into the airplanes and the club.
  • Aircraft Insurance (not personal) is included in your membership dues (as opposed to the need for rental insurance for flight school flying).

If you are interested in joining the club or learning more about membership, contact our membership coordinator.