Joining as a CFI

Texas Flying Club, Inc., located at Coulter Field in Bryan, is looking for motivated professionals to instruct the members of our growing club. We have a lot of benefits to offer our instructors–here are some highlights:


Our instructors work as independent contractors, and are paid directly by their students. Presently, a typical TFC instructor charges $40 per Hobbs hour; rates for ground instruction are $40 per hour. TFC does not charge our instructors any overhead, so you take home 100% of the fees you charge. The CFI and his/her students determine the club CFI’s work schedule; when they’re not scheduled with a student, our CFIs are free to go home and do something else! Active CFI’s are also exempt from club dues.



We own and operate airplanes: Cherokee 140 and Cessna 172s (N model).  Most airplanes are equipped with wingtip strobe lights for added safety. IFR certification is maintained on our Cessna 172N.



All of our aircraft scheduling is done with a user-friendly, web-based scheduling system, so you can schedule from any computer that has internet access.  Our scheduling system is also available on your smartphone.  With four airplanes, booking the aircraft type of your choice at the time you need it is usually not a problem.  We also allow our members to take the airplanes for multi-day trips.


Multi Time

We do not presently operate a multiengine airplane; however, these types are available locally. A number of our instructors have made their own arrangements with local operators, enabling them to offer affordable complex and multi training to their student base of TFC members.



The first priority of our maintenance department is to do top quality work, rather than trying to do maintenance as cheaply as possible. This commitment to quality shows in the reliability and outstanding performance of our aircraft, and is based on our recognition of the fact that people’s lives depend on the quality of our equipment!

We have our own FAA certified A&P technician, who does our “everyday” maintenance and 100 hour inspections right here at the club, which means prompt repair of routine squawks. Engine and avionics work, as well as annuals, are sent out to top-quality shops specializing in these areas. As you can probably guess by now, we do real annuals, not rubber-stamp ones.



We have a small but comfortable clubhouse next to our ramp, which is situated in the FBO at Coulter Field. Our meeting room, which can be used for ground instruction, is also equipped with a computer terminal that can be used for scheduling and checking weather. Pilot supplies are also available from the clubs instructor.


The College Station Area and Flight Student Recruiting

As the home of Texas A&M University, the Bryan-College Station area has a population of over 200,000, including about 50,000 students.  With new students beginning college every semester and the size of the city growing, we are located in a market that has a continually renewing supply of potential flight students.  The club conducts membership drives, and our instructors are also encouraged to recruit new club members on their own.


What We Ask of Our Instructors

We expect our instructors to be professionals and to provide quality instruction at a fair price.  We expect them to keep their appointments with their students, and to work with their students’ progress and safety foremost in mind.  We expect our instructors to abide by our club policies and attend at least two instructor meetings per year.  And that’s about it.  One last thing–although we expect our instructors to fly and teach like professionals, dress is casual.   No ties, no suffering through the summer heat in dress pants!